Leadership Development

In 2012 leadership was quoted as being “one of the most pressing issues facing organisations globally today”. In the current climate of uncertainty, we would argue more so.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

Maya Angelou

About Leadership Development

Leadership matters in organisations, and it follows that leadership development matters today as much as ever. In 2012 it was quoted as being “one of the most pressing issues facing organisations globally today” [1]. In the current climate of uncertainty, we would argue more so.

What makes it so critical? Developing and growing your leaders creates competitive advantage in a number of areas [1]:

  • Improving bottom-line financial performance
  • Attracting and retain talent.
  • Driving strategy execution
  • Increasing success in navigating change

What we do

Leadership development is a concern of the organisation, but we emphasise to those we help with development that: “Leadership ‘starts with you’” [2].

Development work starts with self-assessment and insights by the leader

In our leadership development interventions, we support individuals in self-assessing themselves as leaders.  We triangulate individual’s self-assessment by using 360 degree feedback and a wide range of psychometric assessments.

Leadership is about leading your team and your function

Growing leaders is all about developing impact with other people – learning how to motivate and inspire other people work together to achieve a purpose [3].  So, we work with individuals to explore context and challenges as a leader. This develops the insights to understanding the leadership and the skills one brings and that one needs to develop.

Leadership implies a responsibility to your organisation and stakeholders

All leaders have a responsibility to the wider organisation within which they work. Leadership extends beyond their own area of responsibility and direct team.  We work with aspiring leaders in creating this wider impact – taking on projects and work in the organisation and how it operates – in a more systemic way drives change and transformation.  

Action Planning and Continual Development

Once we have helped leaders identify what their true leadership is about and what makes it effective, we work on learning and development in a structured way, with a personalised action plan.  Many leaders who are humble and willing to learn will often have a coach – someone who is external and is able to challenge and support them in their development.

What people say

Training Leaders

My experience of David’s work comes, in the main, from supporting David as he managed, led and facilitated a training course for a team of key next generation leaders within NATS. I found David to be incredibly talented as a coach and mentor for the group we worked with. He has a fantastic ability to provide just the right amount of input to allow people to find their own way through some difficult issues and learn from them. I would not hesitate in recommending David to help develop the potential future leaders of any organisation.

Matthew Riley
Air Traffic Control Specialist and Leadership and Change
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