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Self Awareness

Self awareness is fundamental to the way you are able to present yourself to others, it is fundamental to successfully managing your career and your relationships. I have recently had a few interviews and I know many other students who are having interviews for college. The interview remains the main focus when people give you the …

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lead through fear

Can you lead through fear?

Bosses who lead through fear have workers are less motivated to work hard , have higher sickness rates and can have a negative effect on their teams creativity. With the film about Steve Jobs’ coming out in cinemas I have been thinking about how different management styles affect the way people work. Does being ruthless …

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Individual Development

As a established professional you recognise the duty and privelidge you have in developing the next generation of leaders, inspiring them to value their development as much as you have yours. Whether it is development for the next generation of board members, on-boarding your new talent, doing right by those who are leaving, or equipping …

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Developing Teams

As an executive and senior  team leader you know that when your team works well the feeling is unbeatable – the results are far more than the sum of the parts – a great team is unstoppable – you know what you are working towards, and you know how each of you is approaching it. …

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